Ciele Athletics

Ciele Athletics WNSBTShirt - Athletics - Whitaker (Dam)

Ciele Athletics WNSBTShirtAthletics - WhitakerNYHET! Vår 2021 - Women Not So Basic T-shirt från Ciele Athletics! Med den klassiska Ciele Athletics loggan f



Ciele Athletics WNSBTShirt

Athletics - Whitaker

NYHET! Vår 2021 - Women Not So Basic T-shirt från Ciele Athletics!


Med den klassiska Ciele Athletics loggan fram på bröstet.

Ciele Athletics utökar sortimentet med T-Shirts. Men inte med vilka T-shirts som helst - NSB T-Shirt står för Not So Basic T-Shirt.

Med en skön blandning av 60% ekologosk bomull och 40% Polyester får du en t-shirt utöver det vanliga. Både vad det gäller lyxiga, genomtänkta detaljer som en skön känsla.

Vattenbaserat tryck som är designat för att ventilera fukt.

Använd Ciele Athletics NSB T-shirt varje dag förutom på tävlingsdagen.

– 60% organic cotton.

– 40% recycled polyester.

– reflective details.

– flatlock stitching for comfort.

– all natural antimicrobial finish.

– water based performance driven breathable printed graphics.

– machine washable.

– ciele athletics™ million miles guarantee.

– weight 185 grams.

– designed for people who run.

represent, represent. with original Ciele Athletics logo front and centre, the NSBTshirt - Core Athletics - trooper edition uses the comfort and cooling effect of organic cotton, in combination with recycled polyester to bring you a moisture wicking, quick drying run ready t-shirt. we’ve added concealable reflective details, for that unplanned night run home, flatlock stitching for comfort, and an all natural antimicrobial to defend against unwanted odours and harmful microbes that plague your everyday activewear. the water based print is designed with breathability in mind, so it won’t get wet and sticky and uncomfortable like most printed t’s do during a run. this is the ciele athletics not so basic t-shirt. wear it every day but race day.




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